Sudbrook Counselors


Sudbrook School Counseling Office
Phone: (443) 809-1254
Fax: (443) 809-6737


Sudbrook’s School Counseling Team

Grade 6- Felicia Henderson-Browne

Grade 7- Ms. K. Johnson 

Grade 8- Mrs. D. Franklin 


School Counseling Secretary- Ms. G. Stewart


How Students Meet with their School Counselor

Students may contact their school counselor on Schoology or receive a pass from their teacher to visit the school counseling office. If the school counselor is not available, they may complete the school counselor request form and leave it with Ms. Stewart in the school counseling office. The school counselor will contact the student to set up another time to meet.

Parents/Guardians, Teachers, and Administrators may refer students to see a counselor. Please feel free to email the student’s grade level counselor with any concerns that you may have.