Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Dress Code



  • Official Sudbrook Magnet Middle School polo shirt

  • A maximum of three (3) buttons on the front of the polo shirt

  • Non-hooded, embroidered sweatshirts may also be worn (see above)

  • Cardigan sweaters with only four (4) buttons, with no logo embellishments

    *Additional student items including hoodies, quarter zips, and zip up jackets will be available at the beginning of the year. Information will be shared in the weekly bulletin during the first weeks of school on how to purchase.


  • Traditional-fit tan khaki pants, tan khaki skirts, or tan khaki walking shorts.

  • Leggings under skirts and shorts may be worn.

  • No sweatpants, stretch/lLycra pants, overalls, corduroys or jeans of any color.


  • No athletic, book, tote bags (shoulder hipster, monogrammed or imprinted tote, canvas tote, etc.) may be used, during the school day.

  • Purses should not be used as bookbags.

  • No scarves, ties, hats, bandannas, or gloves.

  • PE and dance clothing may be carried in official SMMS string bags or a plastic

    grocery bag. String bags will be sold through PE and Dance teachers during opening weeks of school.

    Official Vendor

  • Main Street Embroidery, 85 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136

  • We strongly encourage parents to purchase polo shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and cardigan sweaters at Main Street Embroidery. However, if you choose to use another vendor, please purchase items in the exact style, color, and stitching as our official Sudbrook shirts.

Main Street will be open Saturdays during August to order uniforms! Please call

410-833-0414 for specific hours and information. 


Order Uniforms